Obama: The Jewish organ grinder's monkey

By Khalid Amayreh

It should be amply clear by now that President Obama's visit to Occupied Palestine has been a great disappointment, especially for those who had counted on him to revive the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Indeed, during his 3-day visit, the lion's share of which was devoted to heaping praise on the racist Zionist entity, the American president said very little apart from regurgitating the same old lies, half-truths and platitudes that we had heard ad nauseam from every American President since Truman.
Obama showed off his Zionist credentials by praising "Israel's enduring vigor." However, he utterly ignored the fact that every Jewish settlement, Kibbutz or Moshav was built right on top of a depopulated Arab village or hamlet.
His excessive praise of the biggest thieves of history is more than a moral blunder; it is an unforgivable sin bordering on crime.
The fact that Obama allowed the Israeli hasbara machine to utilize every moment of his visit to promote and advance the mendacious Zionist narrative underscores a stunning absence of rectitude and moral honesty on his part.
He should have pointed out that Israel was a consummation of violence and terror and that Israel triumphed not because of its moral excellence, human pursuit or religious values but rather because it excelled in the utilization of organized terror and violence against a helpless people, the Palestinians. Needless to say, this happened thanks to unlimited and unrestricted American backing and support of the evil Zionist scheme in Palestine.
But one can not give what one doesn't have, and Obama, like most or all of his predecessors in the White House, seems to utterly lack the basic moral requirements to qualify for a true leader and statesman.
The man has just proven himself to be just another political animal, a petty politician with a hopelessly parochial vision and little or no moral orientation.
Obama spoke of the cancerous Jewish colonies in the West Bank and Jerusalem as if they were only a minor obstacle to peace when in fact these ubiquitous settlements constitute the ultimate killer of any remaining hope for any semblance of dignified peace between Jews and Muslims in occupied Palestine.
Verbal theatrics
To counter-balance, or perhaps blur his infatuation with Zionism, Obama indulged in some flimsy verbal theatrics about peace. He warned that Israel should allow for the establishment of a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state, citing the "unfavorable" demographic realities west of the River Jordan.
However his often repeated and reasserted "iron-clad commitment to Israeli military supremacy" was construed in Israel as a clear green light to fly in the face of his advice since Israel would only receive carrots and more carrots but no sticks regardless of whether it heeded American warnings or demands.
Indeed. For many decades, successive US administrations urged Israel to reach a peace settlement with the Palestinians and refrain from expanding settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.
However, the same administrations signaled to Israel that no matter what Israel does or doesn't, the Zionist state would still enjoy America's unflinching support and backing. In other words, Israel learned not to take America’s warnings and demands seriously as defying the US carried no risks or negative ramifications for Israel.
Obama did provoke Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims when he urged them to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Unfortunately, Obama, like previous American administrations, seems to have swallowed the Jewish hook, line and sinker.
It is really hard to imagine that a president who has at his disposal mountains of information about what a "Jewish state" really means in real terms from the Israeli view point would rather nonchalantly invoke this evil mantra.
Didn't any of Obama's advisers tell him that a Jewish state is merely a euphemism for transforming Israel by way of ethnic cleansing into a pure Talmudic Jewish entity free of Christians, Muslims and others who don't adhere to the Jewish faith?
In other words, we are taking about a Nazi-like Jewish state of the master race or Chosen people, for the Chosen People and by the Chosen people.
I am not making inaccurate statements or indulging in groundless accusations. Even Tzipi Livni, who is considered a peace dove by much of the Western media, believes in the ultimate ethnic cleansing of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.
Didn't she say on numerous occasions that if Israel’s Palestinian citizens sought national rights, e.g. human and cultural rights, they would have to leave for the "future Palestinian state?" If this is not ethnic cleansing, then what is it?
Obama spoke about a general formula that would give Israel the security it needs and the Palestinian the dignity they deserve. Well, do the Palestinians, the most tormented and uninterruptedly savaged people under the sun, not need security? Dignity alone is no guarantee against Jewish terror and criminality. After all, Palestinian children, school and college students, villagers, workers as well as ordinary Palestinian women are murdered on a daily basis by the terrorist soldiers of the only true democracy in the Middle East.
On the other hand, Israel is a regional superpower. It has a huge nuclear arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons along with their delivery systems. And above that, it has America, its president, Congress, and media at her beck and call. So who really needs security and security guarantees Israel or the Palestinians?
Another point. Obama said Israel shouldn't be expected to negotiate with those dedicated to its destruction, an allusion to the Islamic Liberation Movement, Hamas.
Well, to begin with, Hamas is not salivating for negotiations with Israel. Hamas will not recognize the greatest theft in history in order to be invited to the White House or be called moderate. For Hamas and the rest of the Muslim people, Israel is and will always be a criminal thief. Hamas is not fighting Israel because Israel is Jewish, Hamas is fighting Israel because Israel is the Palestinian people's murderer and grave digger, and I am not speaking metaphorically.
Besides, one would wonder why that Obama is and other western leaders are ignoring the decidedly fascist Israeli parties that are dedicated to the national destruction of the Palestinian people? Some of these parties are part of the Israeli government, such as the Bayt Hayehudi.
To conclude, genuine peace is made by great men who pay no attention to petty political considerations; men who have their eyes transfixed on justice, men who don't seek complacency at the expense of truth.
Unfortunately, it seems Barack Obama is not one of these men.


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